- iPhone Cracked Screen Repair

- iPad Cracked Screen Repair

- Cell Phone Repair​

- Broken Screen

- Battery Replacement
- Charging Port Repair

- Loud-Ear Speaker Repair

- Home Button Repair

- Camera Repair

- Power-Volume Button Repair

- Headset Jack Repair

- Frame Repairs

- Others....

IPHONE  x/xs/xr        200$

IPHONE  8 / 8+             100$

IPHONE  7 / 7+               90$

IPHONE  6S/6S+            70$

iPhone  6/6+                 60$

iPhone  5/5C/5S/se     50$

no waiting, no appointment needed,SAME DAY REPAIR and open everyday...!

  Quick Phone Repair provides iPhone screen repair best price and fastest service in Minnetonka, while you are shopping or having lunch/dinner in new Ridgedale Center, we fix your device. Most of smart phones like; iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Htc, Sony,Nexus....etc take only 20 minutes . IPads or iPods usually take just 40 minutes to get screen fix.


iPhone screen repair is the most common issue we fix. There’s a reason why we have hundreds of 5-star reviews–we take care of our customers!
Most iPhone repairs take us just 20 minutes to perform. iPad screen repair take 50 min.


Every screen repair includes replacement of the top glass, digitizer, LCD screen, and backlight. The LCD screen is the part that displays colors on your phone screen–if you have lines running down the screen, blotches on your screen, or can’t see your screen at all (but you can hear notifications), our screen repair will fix that issue.

The digitizer is a touch-sensitive “web” that covers your phone screen and knows where your finger is. If you touch the screen and nothing happens, or your phone is typing random letters and numbers, your digitizer is broken. We also replace this part on your phone with our screen repair service.

The top glass covers the LCD and digitizer and commonly breaks when you drop your phone.

Note: Some repair shops offer “glass only repairs.” The glass, LCD and digitizer on newer phones come out of the factory bonded together. Replacing only the glass can often cause problems with your LCD or digitizer, which is why we don’t perform or recommend glass only repairs. We replace all three parts–the glass, LCD, and digitizer–to ensure a top-quality repair, and we warranty the entire repair.

With your repair, you’ll receive a 20% discount on all cables and tempered glass screen protectors, and 10% off any case.


Dropped your phone in water? Bring it to us right away and we will do our best to recover it! The sooner you bring your phone in, the more likely it is that we can repair it. Don’t wait–bring your phone in immediately if you’ve exposed it to water.

Is your phone no longer charging? Bring it in and we’ll take a look at it! Sometimes, there is just lint stuck in your charger; this is common if you keep your phone in your pocket. We’ll attempt to remove lint first. Our lint removal service is at no charge to you, so there’s no risk to bring it in and have us look at it. This service only takes us a few minutes to perform and test for you.

If cleaning the charging port doesn’t work, we can replace charging ports on all iPhones and most other smartphones. Bring your phone in and we’ll take it from there!


If you’ve had your phone for more than a year or two, odds are that the battery doesn’t work as well as it used to. Commonly with older iPhones, we see batteries that discharge to 30% or 20% and then suddenly shut off. This is a bad cell in your battery, and we can replace the battery to fix the issue. Battery replacements are typically quick for us to perform, and can be performed at the same time you do a screen replacement, or on their own.

Older phones may also have a “puffy battery” issue that causes the screen to lift up on one side, even if you haven’t dropped your phone. Bring your phone in and we can help determine if this is the case with your phone, and replace the battery if you have this issue.

C​heapest iphone repair price in minnesota

we are ONLY located AT ridgedale mall ,south entrance 1st floor


  IPAD 2/3/4                    60$
​  IPAD MINI  1/2/3         80$
  IPAD 5                          100$

  ipad 6                          120$
  IPAD AIR 1                     90$

  IPAD AIR 2                  200$

  IPAD PRO 9.7             200$




​​QPR has been specializing in the highest quality iPhone ,iPad and iPod cracked screen repair and cheapest price at Ridgedale Mall for over 5 years. QPR focuses on being the most reliable and fastest iPhone repair service. We know our customers cannot leave their device for an extended period of time, so we target to fix most devices with in 20 minutes. QPR takes pride in providing our customers with 5 star services and offering an experience no competitor can duplicate.

Phil Schoenfeld
in the last week

My phone screen broke really bad from a huge drop and Apple Store said they would not repair it only replace it for 299$. Quick repair Iphone said 100$ and it would be fixed or they wouldn't charge me! Took only 20 min and phone was operational good as new! No Bader very friendly and quick! Also this is 2nd experience with quick repair fixing a broken screen both times have been very successful!

Gina Williams

2 weeks ago-
Service was so quick and professional !! They fixed my iPhone 6 in only 15 min. Looks brand new !! Price is better than any place,Highly recommended .

Josie Ellingson
3 weeks ago-
The experience was very efficient and the gentleman that helped was very informative and well mannered! It sure beat waiting in line at Apple for three hours! Cheaper price as well! All around highly recommend getting your phone screen replaced here!

mardadi iman
in the last week
Great service at great price, I got my iPad fixed in 30 minutes. Couldn't ask for more. Looks brand new!

Tracey Lundhagen
2 months ago
Broke screen onApple iPhone. Verizon could not get my data transferred to my new phone! Apple Store could not help either. Stopped here at Quick Phone Repair and were very accommodating! Put a temporary screen on my broken phone and he even went as far as downloading all my data onto my new phone and laptop!! Would highly recommend them for all phone repairs!

Lee Yang
Last Week

Fast service and great products in stock. Two thumbs up! Gave me a new temper glass screen protector for free. Service can't be beat for the price. Highly recommended!